Free inspiration
As I reflect on the passage of time, I find myself captivated by vivid images rather than words. In my mind's eye, I see a man, perhaps myself, moving through life with mechanical precision. It's disconcerting to think that days and years slip away unnoticed, without a true experience of their essence. To combat this, I've crafted my own wake-up calls—reminders manifested on large canvases using paint and chalk.
Inspired by Rembrandt
My profound admiration for the timeless paintings of the illustrious master Rembrandt van Rijn ignited my creative spark to craft a novel interpretation.
Creating cartoons is a fascinating and liberating way to express emotions and observations about everyday life. Peeling away indignation or frustration on paper is my thing. Enter 'Kutkat' (translation: fucking cat) – a quirky character born out of cohabitating with a feline friend. Or is it the other way around? At times, I'm convinced she's the one calling the shots in our shared space. Her antics, a constant source of amusement, find their way onto my sketchpad where I transform them into amusing figurines.
Inspired by a pixel
These artworks were initially created for a new hotel in Barcelona, for which my branding agency has done the branding and design. The hotel's brand is all about future-forward thinking and creativity, but the local community is also significant. Inspired by this sentiment, I decided to make a digital rendition of artworks by local artists.
Anger management
Within the chaos of my mind's battleground, I unearthed an unlikely refuge – the canvas. Unfiltered and raw, my anger found its release in bold strokes and vibrant hues on expansive sheets of paper. No pretense, just the unapologetic essence of my internal tempest laid bare. Each stroke was a rebellion, a declaration against the turmoil that threatened to define me.