Creating cartoons is a fascinating and liberating way to express emotions and observations about everyday life.

Peeling away indignation or frustration on paper is my thing. Enter ‘Kutkat’ (translation: fucking cat) – a quirky character born out of cohabitating with a feline friend. Or is it the other way around? At times, I’m convinced she’s the one calling the shots in our shared space. Her antics, a constant source of amusement, find their way onto my sketchpad where I transform them into amusing figurines.

Observing her behavior isn’t just about documenting it; it’s about humanizing it. There’s a peculiar joy in attributing human-like qualities to her actions, turning mundane moments into a canvas for humor. It’s this anthropomorphic lens that breathes life into ‘Pussy Cat’ and adds a layer of relatability for anyone who’s shared their home with a four-legged roommate.

Drawing inspiration from the advertising industry injects a dose of contemporary relevance into my cartoons. Sure, not every concept seamlessly translates across languages, but who cares? The beauty of humor lies in its ability to transcend linguistic boundaries. It’s a universal language, and my cartoons, like mischievous messengers, carry the gift of laughter.

In the realm of cartooning, I’m not just an illustrator; I’m an interpreter of daily life. My sketches aren’t mere reflections; they’re refracted glimpses, bending reality to reveal the absurdity and charm hidden in the mundane. Each stroke of the pen is a deliberate choice to navigate the delicate balance between frustration and amusement.

So, here’s to the ongoing saga of ‘Pussy Cat’ and the countless other stories waiting to be inked. With every cartoon, I’m not just creating visuals; I’m encapsulating moments, emotions, and a dash of advertising flair into bite-sized comedic anecdotes. It’s a journey of self-expression, where indignation meets the joy of turning life’s quirks into art.