Anger management

Within the chaos of my mind’s battleground, I unearthed an unlikely refuge – the canvas. Unfiltered and raw, my anger found its release in bold strokes and vibrant hues on expansive sheets of paper.

No pretense, just the unapologetic essence of my internal tempest laid bare. Each stroke was a rebellion, a declaration against the turmoil that threatened to define me.

Therapeutic? Absolutely. The act of creation, a meditative dance between brush and canvas, became my sanctuary. The resulting artwork, discomforting to some, told a story of liberation – a personal narrative in vivid colors.

Those big sheets of paper transformed into a haven where anger wasn’t suppressed but celebrated. It was messy, chaotic, and vividly honest – a reflection of anger’s purest form. As the paint dried, so did the internal storm, leaving behind a testament to the transformative power of unfiltered expression.

In those moments of expressive abandon, I found a fragile peace. The canvas, paint, and I became collaborators in a narrative that unfolded with each stroke. It was a journey of self-discovery, where discomfort metamorphosed into the sublime, and anger, once all-consuming, became a source of liberation.